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Olympics Opening Ceremony: More deception

UPDATE (14-08-08) 5.07am: China responds. Perfect casting? Hrmm… This is my 101th post – and I was going to celebrate it someway or other but got busy today and only managed to get online for some personal surfing now. But then I came across this AFP story in Yahoo News! which, well, got me really […]

Beijing Olympics Opening: A bit 'fake'?

I was just catching up on some Olympics reading this evening when I came across this blog post on Yahoo! Sports. Apparently some of the fireworks from the Opening Ceremony that we watched on television wasn’t real – the real fireworks went off but due to potential dangers in filming, those of us at home […]

Ng Yen Yen: Stuck in the 19th century?

Which century is Women, Family and Community Development Minister Ng Yen Yen stuck in? I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt that her ministry has done the necessary research to want to implement this policy – that welfare aid for poor families be deposited into the accounts of the mothers. This was […]

Beijing 2008 - Olympics Opening Ceremony

Pure genius. That’s all I can say about the opening ceremony. From the 2008 drummers in the start, it was moment after moment of brilliance, I thought. What a brilliant way to introduce the four greatest inventions of China – gun-powder, ink, paper and the compass – told via a “scroll”. The depth and creativity […]

34 people on the LRT

In order to avoid the traffic jam caused by the sudden rain yesterday, I took the LRT from Bangsar to KLCC for an interview I was conducting. Since I have been helping RandomActs and Zain out with RWP (that’s the Read While Waiting Project, if you haven’t heard of it), I thought I’d observe some […]

The Home Minister can, er, stay home

So, I’ve taken a break from the usual politics story (mainly ‘cos it’s the same thing over and over again) but I just had to write about this when I saw this small piece hidden in a corner of P7 in today’s NST headlined: Syed Hamid not in favour of forum The article reports that […]

30-Hour Famine 2008 - Journey to Laos

I know that I said I was done with blogging about my trip to Laos but it appears that World Vision has just uploaded the 8TV show on the trip. I promised to post it when it was up, so here it is: Part 1 of 3 Part 2 of 3 Part 3 of 3 […]

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