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Corntoz Pillow Fight location revealed

I blogged a few days ago about KL’s massive pillow fight, in conjunction with World Pillow Fight Day this Saturday (April 4). Over 75 countries will be participating in this “global event”. At 2am this morning, Zain HD, the brains behind the event, revealed the secret location. 2nd Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. You need […]

New layout for YouTube

You guys probably got it by now that this was an April Fools joke. I have captured a shot of the screen in case YouTube reverts the pages back to normal. What YouTube thought would be funny was to turn all the pages upside down (text, videos et al) short for one line that reads, […]

Let go of it, you Jacker!

It’s been a long weekend (and the week before too!) so am pretty knackered. But thought I’d share this today. Context: Remember about two weeks ago when I was in Malacca for The Star BRATs programme? Well, we drove past this sign many times and always have a laugh. Why? Look at the picture below […]

Let's hear it for Earth Hour

So, I’ve made my feelings about Earth Hour pretty clear. Hence, I’m not going to go into it. I just wanted to share my experience. 1. Am staying in a hotel in Malacca. I usually take the key off the keychain (which serves as a tool to boot up power for the room) but this […]

I do not use a Twitter ghostwriter

Those of you who have been keeping tabs with social media would be really familiar with Twitter. I am totally hooked on it now, although I have been Tweeting since mid-last year. Today, the Internet and Twitterverse have been buzzing about some personalities using ghostwriters to maintain their Twitter accounts. Posts that I have read […]

Massive pillow fight in KL

Yes, you read that right. My nutty friend Zain HD is organising a massive pillow fight in KL on April 4 and he wants you to come fight! If his name sounds familiar, that is because he is also the guy behind the scenes at RandomActs who have organised numerous other RandomActivities (I made that […]

Earth Hour: Turn off the lights

Yesterday, I came across an article which got me to thinking about Earth Hour. It was a letter to the editor in The Star by a guy named Marcus who feels that the whole world has been duped into this campaign when it serves no other purpose than publicity. The article attracted me for two […]

UMNO wings results

Wanita UMNO – Shahrizat Abdul Jalil Puteri UMNO – Rosnah Shirlin Pemuda UMNO – Khairy Jamaluddin I’m going to bed. Log on to The Star Online for updates. 11.26pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

UMNO Youth: Staying relevant?

As I sit here by my computer awaiting the results that are streaming in from the UMNO wings elections (Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil beat Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz – 507 to 280 votes, btw), I got to thinking about UMNO Youth. I’m not sure if it’s because I work with and for young people […]

Flight attendant can rap, yo

Good morning folks. Thought I’d kick off the day sharing this little video I found last night on the blog of Ryan Seacrest (yes, Mr. “Seacrest Out!” himself”) via his Twitter account (yup, it’s not just geeks like me who Tweet, celebs do too!). Apparently, videos of David Holmes, a 40-year-old Southwest airline crew member, […]

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