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More food from Malacca

So, I didn’t have much time to post about food although I promised on Saturday that this would be what I intend to blog about during my few days stay in Malacca. Saturday was relatively easy as we only got in at noon. Still, we managed to have nasi kari, wan tan mee and oh […]

Rediscovering Malacca's heritage

As a kid, I used to make my dad take me around Malacca and pretend to be tourist. We’d hit the major tourist spots – A’ Famosa, St Paul’s Hill and the old Padang among others – and I’d get him to tell me all about the historical city and its history. Dad was from […]

Pigging out in Malacca

Sorry for the very non-hall title but I’m anticipating a rather non-halal weekend here in Malacca. I’m here at my dad’s kampung (and mine by adoption) for work. I’ve been on leave for the past 8 days (which explains my frivolous postings prior to this) and back on a Saturday. Bummer. Am in Malacca running […]

Niki has a big red nose (for Red Nose Day)

Do something for money, the campaign asks. I did. I put a red nose on my pic. I look ridiculous but it’s for a good cause and it only cost me £1. How do you like it? I remember the first time I discovered Red Nose Day. These were in my teenage days (*gasp* more […]

Taking up wakeboarding

Looking dissapointed? Not quite. I’m not sure what I was doing in that picture – maybe cringing at the thought of how I am going to ache when I wake up in a few hours – but I definitely had a great time. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been listening to my […]

Celcom stealing Maxis' thunder?

I swear you can’t make these things out. So much so that I had to create a new post for it. If you read my previous post about Maxis launching the “new” iPhone 3G in Malaysia, I credit the Twitterverse for informing me about the release. Well, apparently, the local Tweeps were enough to set […]

iPhone 3G in Malaysia!

Yup, the local Twitterverse is abuzz about the launch of the iPhone 3G with Maxis. To steal from ombudsman turned MP Jeff Ooi, I heard from a little bird just a few days ago that it was due to be launched this week and have been on the look out. @hillarychan‘s Twitters about the iPhone […]

R.AGE jumps on the Earth Hour bandwagon

The Star has always been associated with environmental causes. StarYouth, the editorial desk which runs R.AGE, too have been a strong proponent for the environment. Besides being actively involved in The Star’s annual World Environment Day activities, we have also been running a peer-to-peer environment programme for youths called P2P Greeniz for the past few […]

I was in an Oscar-nominated film!

Today, I discovered that a movie I once “acted” in was an Oscar nominated film. How exciting is that? The movie is called Dust of Life (or Poussières de vie). This was quite a while ago, and I suspect I was only 13 or 14 years old then. I had responded to a newspaper ad […]

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