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RIP Jade Goody

I’m not sure if Jade Goody’s life story is would fit the cliche from rags to riches, but she surely has come a long way since she first went on reality TV show Big Brother in Britain. I first heard about her during the famous 2007 Celebrity Big Brother fiasco involving Indian actress Shilpa Shetty. […]

The Bangsar Boy: My childhood neighbours

I don’t often do this, but I thought what the heck. The very beautiful couple in the picture is Farizwan and Azida (or Jida as we call her). The two tied the know yesterday (actually, the akad nikah ceremony was on Friday) and my whole family, short for my second sister who is away, were […]

Portia De Rossi on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Update (10.30pm, Mar 22, 2009): Another video for your viewing pleasure. Portia de Rossi did this “PSA” for Jimmy Kimmel life, apologising for the grief she caused to many people because she got married to Ellen Degeneres. He he Just wanted to share this video. With all the hype going on with Prop 8 appeals, […]

I heart my Moleskine Helvetica

Look what I got my hands on? Aren’t they pretty? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the Moleskine Helvetica. I have one of each colour (as you can see) of these limited edition Moleskine notebooks (only 500 copies in its Asia release). For those of you not familiar, its website describes Moleskine as: Moleskine was […]

No power in Bangsar

Well, I am sitting here at Starbucks in Jalan Telawi 3 in Bangsar Baru because there is no power in my house. This is one of the worse we’ve experienced in a while – usually its just a row or two. But at about 9ish, the power went off in the whole neighbourhood. I took […]

Cisco Fatty: Watch what you Tweet

Okay, I don’t know how true this story is (you know the kinds of hoaxes you find on the Internet) but there’s a good lesson to take from it. You know how they say that the Internet has widened the public sphere like never before? And how one of the most common disccusions re: Facebook […]

Can't wait for iPhone 3.0!

Update (8.51am – March 18) My bad. So it wasn’t the launching of the iPhone 3.0 firmware, just an “iPhone event” where they announced what was to expect. Good to hear that cut, copy and paste will soon be introduced as well as MMS (provided you’re on the 3G phone, which I am not … […]

More food from Malacca

So, I didn’t have much time to post about food although I promised on Saturday that this would be what I intend to blog about during my few days stay in Malacca. Saturday was relatively easy as we only got in at noon. Still, we managed to have nasi kari, wan tan mee and oh […]

Rediscovering Malacca's heritage

As a kid, I used to make my dad take me around Malacca and pretend to be tourist. We’d hit the major tourist spots – A’ Famosa, St Paul’s Hill and the old Padang among others – and I’d get him to tell me all about the historical city and its history. Dad was from […]

Pigging out in Malacca

Sorry for the very non-hall title but I’m anticipating a rather non-halal weekend here in Malacca. I’m here at my dad’s kampung (and mine by adoption) for work. I’ve been on leave for the past 8 days (which explains my frivolous postings prior to this) and back on a Saturday. Bummer. Am in Malacca running […]

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