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[ADV] Looking for The Opener

So what happens when you open the fridge at home, and you find this?

Bottle in fridge

No, I’m not talking about discovering a nice cold bottle of Heineken. I’m talking about discovering that there’s only one bottle of beer left in the fridge.

If you’re anything like me, you’d realise that one bottle just won’t do. So what’s a thirsty fellow to do? Well, look for somewhere I can sit down and have a few, that’s what!

Now, if you guys have read this previous post, you would know that I have declared myself – like the rest of you – to be a Man of the World. One thing I didn’t mention then was that another thing that adds to being “international” is being mobile.

Thank goodness for my iPhone.

The Opener

So, what I did was whip it out and opened (yes, the pun is intentional) The Opener. This iPhone app is Heineken’s latest offering, in its promise to bring the public innovation, quality and internationalism.

The app has multiple functions but one of the best ones, in my humble opinion, is the ability to look for nearby places which serve the drink. I just let my phone detect my location via GPS and voila!

Blue dot

See that blue dot? That’s where I was when I opened the app. Next to it, which was just about 10 minutes walk away from me, were three outlets – WIP, Chinoz and Chilli’s in Bangsar Shopping Centre.

You can’t see them all in the image above because I set it to look for outlets within 5kms, but if you want to be more specific, just select whichever distance you want from the black bar on the screen.

But the app is more than just that. It also offers you drinking tips (which you need to unlock) as well as the change to collect points which might lead you to winning prizes.

The competition is based on augmented reality technology and uses the camera, GPS and motion sensor on the iPhone.

Long road

So I thought I’d give it a go. I took a walk up to BSC where the three nearest outlets serving the beer are located.

I messed around with the application while I was walking up thinking I’d be able to cheat in the competition (not that I condone any cheating, mind you). But hey, who doesn’t want to win an iPad 2 or a vacation trip for two every week for four weeks, right?

Except that there was no way (that I could discover, that is) to earn the points.


Yup, too far. So I had to get nearer and finally saw this.

 Catch now

Now, once you get close to the location, a window like the above pops up and you can click Catch Now. Once you’re there, your phone camera would be activated and using augmented reality, you need to find for the Heineken bottle located somewhere in the premises.

Once the bottle pops up in your camera, just flick your phone to “open” the bottle. Ah, now you get why the app is called The Opener right?

Of course, you get points for this and the more you do means that you have a better chance of winning.

How’s that for a drinking game?!

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  1. Err.. sounds a bit too complicated and seems that I need to be sober to complete it successfully. I prefer drinking games where I can get smashed 😛

    Interesting concept from Heineken though!

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