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A night with my ex-F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Every night, before I head to bed (and no matter how tired I am – or drunk), I will watch at least one episode of the sitcom Friends – although sometimes I fall asleep while watching it.

I’m not sure whether it’s because I grew up with it but the show was such a big part of my life. Maybe I could relate a lot to it, maybe I just really enjoyed the acting, comedic timing and the amazing script every week.

Because our TV stations were behind, I actually bought the special edition final episode DVD from At that time, the box set for season 10 was not released yet so I couldn’t purchase it (at that point, I actually owned the original DVD box set for every season up to then). This meant that I watched the final episode of Friends before the preceeding episodes from that season.

The first few times, every time I watched that episode, I would cry. I really, really love the show. After I got the complete set of DVDs, I started a tradition. I would watch at least one episode a night from season 1 to season 10. When I was done, I would just start all over again.

When the last episode was aired, there was of course a lot of publicity. Oprah even did a reunion of sorts on her TV show bringing all the cast members back together again. She referred to them in the interview – and it broke my heart – as the former cast of Friends. Hence, my “ex-Freinds” reference in the title.

Previously, I had searched frantically online for the episodes but I think I only managed to watch one part. The rest of the videos couldn’t be found, I suspect there might have been rights issues with YouTube and therefore, they were removed.

Well, yesterday, I came by the videos on YouTube by accident! I am so thrilled I found it (although it wasn’t the greatest interview, truth be told) that I wanted to share it with you guys. There are three parts and here there are!

I spent the night watching them (and countless other Friends and, er, Oprah interviews) even though I had to wake up early today. *groan*


Feel like you’re constantly being watched as you walk along the streets of KL?

Eyes watching

The eyes are following you, preying on you and you don’t know when it’ll take that leap. Watch your back and keep your own eyes opened because come 2nd September 2010, the owner of the eyes will reveal itself.

4.16pm Malaysian time (+8 GMT)

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  1. There is quite a playlist on Tudou. I watch one episode a day, too, season to season. Never too sick of it. My favourite is “The One With The 100th”

    • Never heard of Tudou :)

      I love most of the episodes – though Season 2 is my least favourite of all. :)

  2. i’ve been watching Friends too for a couple of seasons when i stopped halfway because i just couldnt catch up. i dont like to jump episodes. you have got to borrow me those dvds sometime. lol!

    • Haha Sorry, my Friends DVDs are sacred 😛 haha

      But it’s an amazing show … and timeless 😀

  3. Todou is China’s version of YouTube. They don’t have youtube.

  4. Yeah, used to watch FRIENDS so often too, one of the best sitcoms made available. By the way the eyes, I’m thinking has something to do with Thundercats :)

  5. Is this Friends really so nice to watch? (:

  6. friends is my favourite show ever too! too bad it ended before i was old enough to appreciate it, thank god for astro repeats and youtube 😀

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